What I'm doing now

Hi there,

A typical day of me:

Spending time researching and cooking food. Trying to do some programming, but always distracted by things I can read on the internet and watch YouTube. I listen to music and podcasts when I go for a long walk.

I love Japan and its culture, currently watching "le charme discret des gens de Kyoto" to understand Kyoto and the people in Kyoto.

I live in Ebisu, Tokyo.

In the mean time, finding new technology things to learn during this off time:

  • Airtable is really fancy to use, trying to organize things with it
  • Scheme, Self, Standard ML

Thank you for checking in! 🙇


This is a "now page" which is what I'm concentrating on right now. It's built in the style pioneered by Derek Sivers, which I discovered from Brandur Leach. You can find more Now pages on NowNowNow.