I recently really into podcasts.

I remember I was looking into an interesting person I admire. I saw he links to Derek Sivers. Who is this person? Who is this person that the person I admire admires him!? Then I look into Derek Sivers, wow, his style of writing is so simple. He has so many interesting stories: How I became Ryuichi Sakamoto’s guitarist, he read and writes so many books, he gave his company to charity, he made $3.3M mistake!

I want to know more about Derek Sivers. I read his blog posts, watched his TED talks and the keynote he gave during RailsConf, but I still do not feel what the real Derek Sivers is like. I want to know the authentic version of him, same as I always want to eat authentic food. Then I found he is being interviewed on a podcast. The raw Derek Sivers talking for 2 hours. OMG. I found a place to walk for 2 hours, listened to the whole thing. It was a great experience, then I got really into podcasts.

It's great way to know how great people think. They make mistakes during the podcast, it's authentic, life should be authentic. It's awesome to know what problems even world-class great people are suffering, how they mitigate these problems. What habits do they have in common, what kind of books they read, and so on.

It's also perfect to listen to podcasts while doing something you do not need mental focus. For example, I listen to podcast during:

  • Commute (Although I do not have much)
  • Washing dishes & Folding clothes (I hate it, but now great people talk to me while doing it, it's manageable now)
  • Flights (Imagine you can have any greatest person on earth sitting next to you and talk to you all the time)

These podcasts host interviews really interesting people:

If you want to know about a recent released book, search the author on podcast, she probably summarized about her book.

You can search the people being interviewed you found interesting, on these podcast apps, or Google it, to discover even more interesting people and podcasts.


I am mainly using these 2 apps:

When it comes to offline support, Spotify still works the best for me.

Now comes YouTube Premium. I also use it without watching the video.

Getting Started

Some of my favorite episodes:

Some of these podcasts contain ideas I never heard before and eye-opening for me. It took me few retries to understand some of the things they were saying, it's fun.

Enjoy and join me to the secret backdoor access of master minds 🔑