If you don‘t know how something is called (e.g. **) in Ruby, check this project: What do you call this in Ruby?.

Install and Manage Ruby Versions

ruby-install and chruby. What‘s .ruby-version?

Stable versions across all implementations, please check Ruby Versions.

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But Hey! I am a book person.


What really got me Ah, I understood Ruby now, is "Confident Ruby" by Avdi Grimm. If you want to understand deeper about Ruby at lower level: Ruby Under a Microscope.

Active People

Read their blog post, watch their Conference presentation (search on YouTube or ConfreaksTV)

Find more folks:



Here is common recommended choice of certain things I learned from talking to people, my experience, etc.

Why you have to pick a good library, gem. Because once your application grew, some libraries have things that they are not good at for your particular edge cases and it's very expensive or a lot of effort to change. These libraries are validated and flexible to handle real-world challenges.

Nowadays I tried to choose boring ones an minimal production (standard library, what big company is using).

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But Hey! I want to read some real Code.

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