If you don’t know how something is called (e.g. **) in Ruby, check this project: What do you call this in Ruby?.

Install and Manage Ruby Versions

ruby-install and chruby. What’s .ruby-version?

Stable versions across all implementations, please check Ruby Versions. Currently you should use Ruby 2.5+.

HOWTO install Ruby Trunk

Key sites

But Hey! I am a book person.


A free one to get started, hands on: Learn Ruby the Hard Way.

What really got me Ah, I understood Ruby now, is "Confident Ruby" by Avdi Grimm. If you want to understand deeper about Ruby at lower level: Ruby Under a Microscope.

Writing better code in Ruby: Principles of Object Oriented Design in Ruby and 99 Bottles of OOP by Sandi Metz.

Active People

Read their blog post, watch their Conference presentation (search on YouTube or ConfreaksTV)

Find more folks:



Here is common recommended choice of certain things I learned from talking to people, my experience, etc.

Why you have to pick a good library, gem. Because once your application grew, some libraries have things that they are not good at for your particular edge cases and it's very expensive or a lot of effort to change. These libraries are validated and flexible to handle real-world challenges.

Nowadays I tried to choose boring ones an minimal production (standard library, what big company is using).

Great Posts

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But Hey! I want to read some real Code.

Code Reading

See Code Reading.



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