The state of Ruby API docs

Ruby has few sites to search for how to use certain APIs.

Current Ruby API docs

The official site looks ok. Style is a little bit out of date and a bit hard to search. That’s probably why has the most traffics for Ruby API documentations, but it has Ads. I understand that someone give something for free for the public, and try to cover the costs. But I go there less and less often because of the Ads are a distraction when I need to find something. Then I turn into tools like pry-doc to search documents on the fly.

But there is good news recently!

Introducing ruby api

By Colby Swandale


Besides these awesome features, it is also good for you if you’re looking for something to learn, to contribute to a well-crafted Rails codebase written with lots of cool ruby idioms. It’s Open Source.

The tech stack of the ruby api:

Give it a try. Spread the word. Enjoy!