Leica Q Spec

The manual focus is really easy. You just turn the ring and when things highlights by colors, then they are in focus.

Serial number: 19050
Resolution: 47.3MP
Auto focus in 0.15s.
10 frames per second.
Water resistent. IP52.
ISO 50-50000
47.3M pixels, full-frame, Summilux 28mm (crop into 35mm, 50mm, 75mm) ƒ/1.7 ASPH lens. 10 FPS.
Video: C4K 24FPS, 4K 30FPS, 1080p 120FPS.
Shortest distance of focus: 30cm, Marco mode: 17cm.
OLED viewfinder 368万.
ISO: 50-50000
35mm still has 3000MP.
50mm still has 1470MP.
75mm still has 660MP.


Outputs JPG and DNG Raw.

Weight: body + lens + batter: 734g

Processor: Maestro IV
Serial number: 19081
Resolution: 60MP CMOS
Auto focus in 0.12s.
DNG 14 Bit
9520 x 6336 Pixel (60 MP)

JPG 8Bit


ISO: 50-100000
OLED viewfinder 3.68M.
Tiltable OLED 5.76M. 384ppi. 3:2
Video: C8K/8K 30FPS, C4K/4K 60FPS, 1080p 120FPS.
Ports: USB-C, HDMI
Weight: body + lens + batter: 743g
Wireless charging
Buffer memory 8 GB

Lens Cap: E49