Air Quality

Wonder why you always feel sleepy at work? Do you want free focus boost every day? Imporve the air quality of your workplace.

As I complained from my last gig that office we rented at WeWork. It is too small and we fit 5-6 people in there. I constantly feel uncomfortable. I dig into why.

Coworking spaces, cafes, modern home are designed to seal properly, so the room can stay warm efficiently or stay quiet. Recently there is a trend to introduce these small phone booths or offices:

This is very bad for your health due to Formaldehyde Poisoning.

CO2 over certain amount in a closed room can be bad for us. You will have symptons like headache. The temperature and humidity also come into play. So basically we want fresh air flows in and out of our workspace.


If you’re a employer and want your people to work better, improve your workplace! To measure you can buy AWAIR. To improve you can buy ALEN or Dyson’s Air Purifier.

I hope to see a future employer promote their opening and say:

Great place to work. We keep CO2 under 1000ppm per hour at our office!