I took the Italian Shinkansen Italo to Firenze from Rome. It’s pretty good and I like you could use the lounge for business+ class (The business class of Italo is same price as normal Shinkansen ticket in Japan). As I am very insecure in the station of Rome that just somehow felt dangerous.

The sky in Firenze always cover with thin blurry layer of fog (?), very beautiful. Every day in Firenze were great weather, what a blessed.

I tried the famous local dish T-bone steak recommmend by the hotel, but the restaurant he sent me was a tourist trap. My complaint email already sent. Do not trust the manager from Hyatt Regency Firenze...

Then the other day. I asked a local where is her go to place for pasta. She sent me to a very very nice little pastella. I don't want to say this cliche thing, but that place I had was the best pasta of my life!! The owner was also super friendly. She gave me after meal drinks for free, and a dessert! I also bought a bottle of olive oil and Balsamic vinger (a rude request to ask her, but she sold me with her retail price). The restaurant was on Via della Scala, haha.

Osteria Pastella
Via della Scala, 17 R, 50123, Firenze, Italy

I want to write more about these places I visited but...

  • Piazza Michelangelo
  • Uffizi
  • Ponte Vecchio
  • The bread here has no salt (Filone)
  • Pappardelle sul cinghiale
  • Bistecca alla Fiorentina
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