Cafe in Seoul

Despite Seoul ranked number one with 284 Starbucks in the world1. I use the number as a mertic to decide how bad a city is, but Seoul broke my rule. It turns out, even though it has this many. The local cafes are even better! The Coffee game in Seoul is stronger than I anticipated. I heard it is good, I did not know it is that good. It's literally every 100m you will bump into a good cafe. A cafe that has great interior and serves high quality coffee.

I mostly drink iced coffee latte, which real coffee enthusiasts would not approve. I enjoy the milk mixes with good espresso. But from the barista's attention to pouring. The smell and people around me at cafes. I can assure you they're drinking great pour over, too.

Some observations:

  • Local people usually order Iced Americano
  • They drink coffee all the time, even after dinner
  • Cafe usually opens around 10am, closes at 10pm

Below is my recommendation of good cafes.


Maybe the tastest latte I have. Six friends started this company, who are the no.1 at picking beans, making coffee, making bread...

They have another shop in Mapo which is in a traditional Anguk.




I went to two of its branches! The one around Hannam is better. The one in Sinsa is tiny and not very comfortable...

Anthracite Coffee Roasters in Hannam.

The basement is a D&DEPARTMENT shop (밀리미터밀리그람) 😍. The cafe is packed with the chicest people.

Cafe Onion

The photogenic one in Anguk.

I went there but line was too long to get anything, estimate 1 hour waiting, so I only took some pictures.


Great brownie.

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