First visit to Seoul

My first time visited Seoul, where 10 million people live, besides a one-time layover at the Incheon airport. This time I mostly went to touristy places.

I did not got a chance to ride the KTX. I would love to take the KTX famous route: Seoul to Busan next time.

I did not try the 汗蒸幕 (sauna thing). I saw it before during layover at Incheon airport. By the way, Incheon airport offers free transit tour.

Next trip

Places I want to go next time:

  • d meseum
  • Kwangjang Market
  • Insadong
  • Namdaemun Market
  • Studio Concrete
  • Seoulism logo
  • Cooking Library (requires Hyundai Card...)
  • pink pool cafe stylenanda
  • Greem Cafe



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