Looking for Work

    Hello, my future employers, colleagues, and internet friends. Thank you for checking in! I‘m Juanito based in Tokyo.

    About me

    Mostly back-end programming, especially with Ruby. Some front-end JavaScript experience, HTML, and CSS. Solid fundamentals with software development, troubleshooting, and team work.

    Following might show you a better sense of what I did:

    What I‘m looking for

    Work History

    Previously at Shopify, Cookpad, and Jolly Good Code. Please see my CV for details.


    Q: Your Visa situation?

    I can work legally in Japan until 2022. I can work legally in Taiwan.

    Q: Would you relocate to _________?

    I could relocate for great opportunity, but I do love Japan so very much.

    Q: Business trips? Onboarding for few weeks in _______?

    Yes if company would generously cover the travel expense.

    Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    I don‘t know. Being specific limits the potentials. I can‘t know for sure how things will go in 5 years. I assume I‘ll be happier, find new interests, make new friends, doing something cooler than my present self could possibly imagine.

    Q: Languages?

    Native Chinese, professional English, good enough Japanese, laughable Korean, Spanish, and French.

    Q: Cat or Dog?

    Both, but I slightly prefer cat 🐈

    Sounds good?

    I sincerely hope you could commit to Reject Fast, Reject Early, then let‘s chat!

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    Looking forward to hearing from you!