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Hello, my future employers, colleagues, and internet friends. Thank you for checking in! I‘m Juanito based in Tokyo.

About me

Mostly back-end programming, especially with Ruby. HTML, CSS, JavaScript experiences with Stimulus, and React. Solid fundamentals with software engineering, troubleshooting, and team work.

Following might show you a better sense of what I did:

What I‘m looking for

These are things I‘m looking for, does not need to have all.

Work History

Previously at Shopify, Cookpad, and Jolly Good Code. Please see my CV for details.


Q: Your Visa situation?

I can work legally in Japan until 2022. I can work legally in Taiwan.

Q: Would you relocate to _________?

I could relocate for great opportunity, but I do love Japan so very much.

Q: Business trips? Onboarding for few weeks in _______?

Yes if company would generously cover the travel expense.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I don‘t know. Being specific limits the potentials. I can‘t know for sure how things will go in 5 years. I assume I‘ll be happier, find new interests, make new friends, doing something cooler than my present self could possibly imagine.

Q: Languages?

Native Chinese, professional English, good enough Japanese, laughable Korean, Spanish, and French.

Q: Cat or Dog?

Both, but I slightly prefer cat 🐈

Sounds good?

I sincerely hope you could commit to Reject Fast, Reject Early, then let‘s chat!

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Looking forward to hearing from you!