Fathom: Alternative to Google Analytics

I removed Google Analytics a while ago on this site because it’s overloaded with information I’m not interested. I also felt bad that Google will do evil things to you. But after I removed Google Analytics. I still would like to know a very few things in order to keep improving and writing.

Meet Fathom, an alternative to Google Analytics

Fathom’s key features and the cat is called Bartholomew

Fathom’s key features and the cat is called Bartholomew

I am already taking my credit card out from my wallet with how simple this site is and these little cute illustrations. It’s like walk into a nice quiet shrine from a overcrowded touristy place.

In these days every site wants more of our data, but Fathom respects our privacy. It’s ethical software that they don’t track out visitors and don’t collect personal data. Read more at their data policy. Technical details see here.

Their script’s arguments are also fathom, a nice touch <3

from the Fathom install script

from the Fathom install script

You created an account, copy the script, put near the end of body element in your website.1 Check here if you want to exclude localhost being tracked. For single page app and pushState (Turbolinks), please check this guide. It has a Wordpress plugin.

Fathom is not free, but they charge fairly. They are looking for natural growth and a sustainable business they can fully focus on building. Their price scales as our site scales. Starts from $14 per month for unlimited sites.

If Fathom sounds good to you. Go directly with their 7 day free trial.


Fathom also have a podcast called Above Board talking about the stories of building Fathom. Their v1 (Fathom Lite) is open sourced. The talked about rebuilt from v1 to v2 (Fathom Pro) here.

Thanks for reading!