Adobe Lightroom

Often referred as LR.

Adobe Lightroom — Photo editing app. When you install it also installs Creative Cloud, which make sure turning off your VPN for the first time, otherwise it may think you did not have a valid subscription.

preference, check Add copyright to imported images.

  • Import all photos into Adobe Lightroom.
  • Then in Grid view, use Z to pick or X to reject a photo.
  • 1st round, I go through all of them, if it is not stabled or looks too bad, just X.

  • double click to reset any change

G — Toggle grid views
D — Detail view to edit photos
J — Show Clipping
E — to Edit mode
F — Full Screen
shift-A — to apply "auto" edits by Adobe Lightroom
I — Info view. To see aperature, ISO, shutter speed
J — Show clipping.

Adobe Lightroom 4.4.

  • First edit one photo.
  • Copy Edit Settings. ⌘-C — This will copy all edits you made to this one photo.
  • Grid view.
  • Select photos you want to apply the Edit Settings.
  • Paste! ⌘-V — This will paste all edits you made to that one photo to all photos you selected.

  • E or T — Edit
  • K — Adjustment Brush