Blog URL Design

They’re too long and cumbersome.

Compares to

You could save the timestamp in the source file and show it in the page. I am not fan of showing the creation timestamp, I only show updated timestamp. Because people would judge by this post created 10 years ago, while the content is still useful. So now I only show updated timestamp.

This is the first one in a series:

You may write the next post later in a different date:

people cannot just change from 1 to 2 to find the sequel.

instead of

I think this helps people to decide if they want to read by judging the link. Of course you can still have a shorthand redirects.

I forgot who said it but keep the URL working is the No.1 rule of the internet. Even you deleted the post, set up redirects for future people til there is no traffic!

W3C says Cool URIs don't change.

Suppose you have a:

dont translate toログイン

because when users copy paste the url and share on places, it looks like this:

Also a word could have many different translations.