Cycling and life

I have a secondhand mamachari0. It got a busket handy when buying groceries. It does not have the electricity assistance. It takes a lot of your power when riding a bumpy road or a hill. But it is really amazing how wide your reach becomes with the bike.

Recently I have this constant thinking that riding a bicycle is just like how life works.

You need to keep going to keep your balance.

The start of cycling is always hard. The inertia of starting something. => Getting started on doing anything

Sometimes you have to stop, to yield way for others.
=> Mentoring someone for them to succeede.

Sometimes you’re doing really well, a smooth downhill, but you still need to stop for various occastions.
=> Doing really well but life event happens.

Sometimes you’re struggling with uphill and someone will stop you, make all your efforts in vain.

Sometimes you’re stuck for whatever reasons.
=> Stuck doing something for no passion

Sometimes you see those super fancy car stuck in traffic, while you happily passed them easily.
=> A satisfied life while others pursuade more and more never satisfied

Sometimes you cant find a place to park, you need to skip that place you want to go.
=> A satisfied job while others pursuade more and more never satisfied

On rainy days, road is more slippery and dangerous. You have to be more careful. Just like when you’re having your rainy days.

Riding a bike in great nature, easily feeling like the luckiest person in the world.