KPOP: Top of entertainment

Oh my god. I used to not like KPOP. How foolish I was. Now getting into it, I much appreciated it, here are some reasons.

  • I like KPOP made me realized humans’s body is can achieve so much and incredible if practice and hard work. Currently amazed by ITZY’s not shy dance video. The formation, the pause, the breaking, groove, ... Unique and new dance moves not seen before. Dance moves resonates with the songs too.
  • I like KPOP because you can find how to give sincere generous compliments from all the comments. Also how everyone are so peaceful to each other in the comments section is a rare thing in Internet these days.
  • I like KPOP because the aesthetics, visuals, choreography.
    The production value of KPOP videos is way too high and entertaining. They create these crazy outfits, sets, transitions, scenes only for less than 4 minutes.
  • They can really sing. When I grew up, if good looking, then probably singing will be compromised. If good dancing then singing may be compromised. But, but, but, KPOP groups/single are always good looking, singing perfectly while intensively dancing.
  • KPOP is not just music, but dance too. Their dance are intense and beautifully elegant. All dance studios worldwide are trying to do a cover dance after any popular group released a new song. Each KPOP group’s dance getting harder and harder is just amazing to watch.
  • KPOP creates an genre of YouTube videos, search any video with reaction appended. Most of reaction videos are fake but some sincere ones are interesting.
  • My lack of Korean language makes this even better. The Korean language still sounds exotic to me. I speak Japanese and Chinese. That’s probably why Korean songs are still so good to me. My Japanese ability made some POP songs unbearable.
  • Their path to be seen (and seen does not guarantee success) is so hard. Most of the people practice singing and dancing from age of 12 or so. They entered endless of selection events. They practice everyday. Even still, you need luck too. Their success is not determined.
  • The people who do video filming in Korea are incredible too. KPOP group’s dance are complex. They need to know where the next move is and who is doing the move, so they can focus on the right people perfectly and show people what fans want to see.
  • KPOP group are humble.
  • I like KPOP because it taught me do one thing and do it extremely well. Most famous group usually at most release 2 songs per year.
  • The artists’s facial management are so good

As for why a song can last so long, because these are how people are watching it.

  • Watch the official Music Video, repeat til you get over it
  • Watch the MV perform in other places, repeat til you get over it
  • Watch the reaction videos of official videos
  • Watch the dance practice video
  • Watch the reaction videos of dance practice video
  • Watch the anatomy of dance practice by a professional dance studio
  • Watch all videos again because now you gained understanding of where are the hard parts and how hard they are
  • Watch all the fan cams, repeat til you get over it
  • Watch on V LIVE, repeat til you get over it
  • Watch the covers and notice details that they don’t get it right

Now you can consider you’ve completed watched a song! That’s why KPOP group can release a single and it lasts for a year.

I currently like these groups and singers:

  • ITZY



  • BTS

  • Bolbbalgan4

  • ChungHa

  • SOMI

  • J.Y. Park

It’s #Kulture haha.