Nothing Works

Monitor kept reverting to 29.5Hz instead of 60Hz. macOS lose control of volume and soundbar blast out music in the evening. Microphone is not found when I am in a meeting. A $5000 MacBook Pro needs to charge from the right side so it does not overheated. When I need to take a photo, iPhone mess up the orientation. The Bluetooth speaker has delay after laptop went back from sleep. Zoom wants use my microphone as speaker, my speaker as microphone...

Maybe it is the fault of Bluetooth interference. Maybe it is the cable I use for Monitor. Maybe it is the USB hub that not function very well altogether. Maybe I did not set them up correctly.

I am frustrated by the fact that I tried to buy decent things, hoping them save me money in exchange for productivity and lower stress. Bring my mental focus and capacity to focus on work. They just dont work very well together. Is the culprit macOS did not integrate them well? I dont know.

Nothing works.