Slack tips

Some things I repeatedly share with people using Slack.

  • Right click on text and disable smart quotes, dashes, links.

Work a full day, and when you go home, please set the Do Not Disturb. That Slack message can wait...

No more "Hi. Can I ask you a quick question?"

⌘ + [ + ⌘ + ]

More shortcuts at here.

I believe this will encourage us to be more mindful on how to communicate.

From Notify a channel or workspace, we can mention many people via:

  • @everyone

    Everyone in your Slack workspace.

  • @channel

    Everyone in the channel.

  • @here

    Everyone are currently online in the channel + notification badge.

Our attentions in a day are limited, and I believe most of people by default snoozed their notifications, so a notification badge usually means something important is happening.

Use @everyone, @channel, and @here for emergency-type reasons. Avoid being The Boy Who Cried Wolf and limit their usage to truly monumental events.

Slack also wrote this excellent guide: Courtesy call: more empathy tips in Slack.

Because there are too many things happening on too many channels: