Yoga: The practice of Calm

Recently I’m lucky enough to join Yoga sessions arranged by lovely colleagues (thank you Georgie!). A session is with our teacher: Aoife Kavanagh and few people in the company over Zoom.

The teacher usually started with few minutes meditation. Shift our attention to focus on our breath. Then start to move our body, bend our body, stretch gently, then some soft-intense poses, end with relaxed pose, meditation. Namaste.

I started to like it now. If you know me, I dont like almost every exercise. Running / jogging are so boring. Going to Gym regularly (or leave my house) is a lot of work. Yoga is perfect. You only need a yoga mat and you can do it at home!

When I was doing Yoga. The teacher always mentioned to keep our breath in certain pattern. To remind us don’t forget our breath. To let go our thoughts. To let go our busy mind. To refocus on the breath, our body, the moment. To find harmony in breath. Stillness in poses.

The merchanics of Yoga are not hitting me the most. What hitting me the most is the calmness of acts. Every time when I was doing Yoga. Yoga calms me down. Yoga helps bury the hustles. It is about reaching the state of harmony. I’ms still not really good at the phsyics, but feeling pretty good about the psychic.

Looking forward to next session!

You can follow this along to see how Aoife’s lesson feels like :)

  • Ujjayi breath
  • Downward facing dog
  • Warrior 1, 2, 3

  • 20210121: Yoga is a way to eject the junk of your mind through body movement. Some poses are intense but you always rely on the breath to find the stillness in a intense situation. The Shavasana in the end is a way to reflect and reset. A teleport point of your mind from the chaotic past to present now.
  • A lot is about breathing and reaching an calm state of mind thinking about nothing. Then your body is naturally healing.