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Start from db.r5.large with 1 core, 2 vCPU and 16GB Memory.
Up to db.r5.24xlarge 48 Cores, 96 vCPU and 768GB Memory.

T3 is general purpose and M5 is better T3. R5 is better and memory optimized.

Either start with M5 or R5 for real-production use. R5 is better because the ceiling is higher in case your business succeeds.

You can find IOPS in Databases > Configuration when your instance reached certain size.

Official Documentation

Activity of RDS. Top SQL / most expensive queries. Adjustable to 5m, 1h, 5h, 24h, 1w, all. OS Metrics.

Official Documentation

Since PostgreSQL 10.

  1. Databases > your-database-name > Monitoring (tab) > Monitoring (dropdown middle right) > Enhanced Monitoring

  2. CloudWatch Logs > Log groups > RDSOSMetrics

OS metrics

CloudWatch metrics and alarms. Performance Insights actually exports metrics to CloudWatch.

Grant Superuser to a user/role:

GRANT rds_superuser TO user-or-role;