Contribute to CRuby

Disclaimer: I am not from Ruby Core team.

I want to write this because I see Python got a fantastic documentation on how to contribute to CPython.

ko1: Koichi Sasada. Ruby Core team. Author of YARV VM.

(1) Introduction of MRI development culture
(2) MRI source code structure
(3) Exercise: Add methods to Ruby
(4) Fixing bugs
(5) Performance improvements
Task ideas

Best to create a ticket on issue tracker to discuss first.
Add features only for trunk. No cosmetic changes. Check here for coding style of CRuby codebase. Include a benchmark with BenchmarkDriver.

git clone
cd ruby

Ruby Mailing List to read the conversations in the community and ruby core developer meeting notes also post there.

Discourse provide a mirror for the mailing list.

git clone
cd ruby
./configure --disable-install-doc
make -j
make check

Report or fix test failure.


Moved to Git recently.

Yes. They accept patches that do not have a lot of changes. But better open an issue first.