Joining Buildkite


I’m incredibly happy to share I'll join the talented people ❤️ over at @Buildkite tomorrow 🐨 Buildkite is the best CI service from Australia. I will be working in Tokyo with talented teammates remotely.

When I was at my previous job. I use Buildkite every single day. The UI is pretty. Beautiful logs. A lot of thoughtful features (retry ❤). I don’t remember there was any downtime. Very good impression.

What I like about Buildkite

Great Interview Experiences

The job opening is wonderful and explicit. Only three interviews all done remotely. All scheduled on the time I preferred. All scheduled automagically by Calendly. 1 I never got asked for CV or my past compensations.

First Interview

Five software engineering related questions. Each question up to 250 words. Information like name and gender are removed from the reviewing process, no bias!

After the interview closed. About a week later, I received an email to keep me updated. Due to the overwhelming number of applicants 2, things will take a bit longer. Absolutely no problem for me and I also do not want to rush for me and other candidates.

A while later, I received an email with compliments on how well I performed and explained the future interview processes. I pick the interview time for next interview.

Second Interview

Chatted an hour with a team member and the founder. We reviewed my answers from the writing tests. Dig into me and my stories so far. I prepared a keynote presentation to introduce about myself and my past life so this interview went really well!

Ah also, when I revealed my CS background I did not got judged. I know Buildkite is the company worth working for:

My CS background same as most of you

My CS background same as most of you

A week later I have my last interview (my choice, could be tomorrow after the 2nd interview).

Last Interview

I got the application I will be interviewed right after scheduled the meeting. I had days to get familiar with the codebase. The interview was to implement a real-world like feature to the existing application. To see how I

A technical interview by two engineers I’ll work with. No whiteboard / riddles / tricky algorithmic question. I could google things, ask the interviewer for help.

Few days later...


The offer came in. The salary range was already transparent in the job opening. The benefits and perks are explained in very simple language. No negotiations needed. I liked this fair, equal pay culture a lot.


Interviews are streamlined pleasant processes. I never got asked for Salary History, Resume, Linkedin, or References Check. Thanks for everyone who helped me. Especially Derek Sivers who not only answers my emails, but reached out to keep me going. And thanks friends Mori-san, Guo Xiang, Colby, Jonan, Nicholas, and Paul to chat with me while going through the interview processes.

I am really grateful for the opportunity especially in this difficult economy. From the interview to offer, to the onboarding now. The amount of empathy I felt from interactions with people are overwhelmingly amazing. I am so excited to work at Buildkite.

Thanks for reading! Please give Buildkite a try in the future 🥳

Juanito 🐻

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    When I was interviewing with other companies, I was always the person who sends recruiter the Calendly invite. Why this is a big deal? It is really not fun to send mails back and forth in order to schedule a meeting.

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    Mr. DHH retweeted the job opening.