I am sure there is a research says being loud and clear increase the credibility of you somewhere. Having good audio quality also can cut all these awkward "Can you hear me?" conversations.

How? You want to have a better microphone than your built-in one came with your laptop! Also your laptop may like mine that heats up and fanning all the time when having meeting with someone. So they are too close to the source of noise.

Get a decent microphone. See here for recommendations.

Polar pattern, Cardioid pattern. You can look at the graph of your Mic’s pattern and speak from the bigger area of the front of that pattern to get better audio input.

  • Turn off noises
    Close your window. Turn off the fan. Turn off noise-making sources. Put Microphone away from your keyboard (boom arm, stand).
  • Adapt the Pattern of your Mic
    Find the best angle to speak to your Mic. If you have noisy sound source cannot be turn off, make sure it is in the rear of your Mic’s Polar Patterns. Speak steadily.
  • Speak Closer
    If your room is not treated, that means you don’t have a room full of acoustic foams / sound isolations to reduce the reverberations—echo sounds. Reverb is the voice bounce around in your room. You don’t want these for podcast or meetings. You can speak closer to your Mic.
  • Avoid Popping Sounds
    Use a Pop Filter or move your Mic 45 degrees towards the corner of your mouth.
  • Improve Your Room
    Maybe too much to invest your room for meetings. A cheap workaround is to speak inside your closet.
  • Don’t set gain too high
    Mac > System Settings > Sound or your audio interface. Set around 50% or less. If you set the gain too low, you could still kind of fix it post-production.

Hope these is useful for you : )

This YouTuber Podcastage or his website to learn more about microphones.